Monday, May 12, 2014

Sound: What Can I Hear

Sound: What can I hear?

Team 5’s Inquiry focus this term is about Physics and the Science of ‘Sound’.

This week you are going to write an explanation about the different types of sounds that you can hear in your environment.

Think about the sounds that surround you - at home, at school, outside.

What types of sounds can you hear? Where do they come from? Use the table to help you organise your ideas:

What types of sounds can you hear?
Phone ringing
A little song rings
People talking
It’s like a group of gorillas chatting
Wind Blowing
The sound of talking people
Cars whizzing
A rumbling sound of car engines
Which sounds do you like listening to? Why?
The Toilet Flush
Water smashing in the inside, like crashing waves.
Slammin & making squeaky sounds
Gusts of the water came crashing towards the shore
Grey air coming out of a cylinder tube and a loud engine
What sounds are annoying? Why?
Crying Baby
Squeaky voices & high pitched sound

Flapping sounds
and chirping voice
Hard slams and cupboard doors falling
Buzzing and loud sounds

Finally, think about what your world would be like if you didn't have sound. What would it be like if you couldn’t hear a single thing, or if you had to live in absolute silence? What do you think it would be like?

If the world was silent, it would not be so fun without sound and we cannot communicate with each other that well.  

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