Friday, October 19, 2012

Vincent And The Robber

On a sunny day there lived a man called Vincent he was going to the shops. As he was walking he bumped into a stranger  whose name was Ronnie. He looked very evil when he  turned to his side. Vincent said “sorry”, but he didn’t reply back.  “What is he doing ?” said Vincent. So he just continued going to the shops.  

When he came out with a packet of bread he realised there was a robber that was going towards him and stole his packet of bread. When the robber was running he said to himself  “I saw that face before”. He stopped and thought what was his name. He recognised it was Ronnie with the evil face.

After the robber ran he called  111 and chased him down the road. Luckily he had a sleep gun with him and shot him in the back. “Yes!!!” he said as he went over to put him inside his car and drove to the police station.

“Where did he came from?” he said. The policeman answered he was a good man before but he decided to rob the shops. We were looking all around for him but we are so lucky you saved the day.  And they lived happily ever after.

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