Thursday, September 27, 2012

Zac and Alex's adventure

Once upon a time on a hot sunny day there lived a boy named Zach. Zach was a very old man that lived in a sunny place. He met another boy that was walking around the bush.  His name was  Alex.

In the afternoon they went out on an adventure together .As they were walking they started to  hear a watering sound that sounded relaxing. They saw a big waterfall and jumped in, SPLASH SPLASH!!! they went. They had a great time there .When they were having a great time they realized  they had there was a problem . Firstly they had saw a giant
shark between them. They were very scared that they couldn’t get out.

When they were there Zach started to swim down to find something sharp. He saw a shiny little glass and swam up to the shark and began to stab him on the back. Then they escaped from the water before another shark comes.

And they lived happily ever after together. They had a good time going to a adventure. They had fun.  

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  1. Hi Vaifoa,
    I loved reading your post. That is a very interesting story. The clip art really helped me picture what was happening. You did a great job describing the plot. Keep blogging!
    -Laura (L.J.) Allen