Friday, October 26, 2012

Jack and Jill

One day there lived Jack and Jill. They were on their way walking around the forest. They were on a mission finding bigfoot. When they were walking Jack heard a noise it was coming from the bushes. He went close to the bush and found a little bird that fell from the tree so he put the bird back into its nest and went back.

“What were you doing?” said Jill.
He answered  that he was putting a little bird back to its nest. As they were talking to each other they heard a growling sound. They realised it was bigfoot  running towards them. They started to scream and ran back.

When they were running they saw a sign that said exit. So they ran to the exit sign and hide for two minutes till bigfoot goes away. “How are we going to get that big thing” said Jack. It is going to take a while to find him around this place.  When bigfoot was gone they hurried to the bush finding some sharp materials to catch bigfoot. “LETS GO!!!” said Jill. So they went to find him. After a while Jack and Jill caught bigfoot in their trap. And then they took it to the wild where every wild animal lives. And they lived happily ever after.

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