Tuesday, June 27, 2017

[Health] - "Effects Of Alcohol On The Body"

Greetings and welcome to my new blog post! Over the last couple of weeks within this term (Term 2) in Health class with Ms Dougherty, we've been focusing on drugs and alcohol. We've learnt all sorts of things about alcohol, such as the effects that has on you, your body and etc. Here is an image informing you of the task/activity we've been doing during class time this day. So we have here... the effects to of alcohol on your body, and also the various types of what alcohol causes; such as addiction. What I found interesting within this lesson is... alcohol poisoning, I didn't know at first of what alcohol poisoning was, until I researched information on YouTube, that it affects body temperature, blue pale skin. Thank you for your time!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Vaifoa, I really like how you have changed the fonts and colours to make it your own! I think alcohol is interesting too, and also quite scary. Hopefully this activity helped you to see some of the effects of drinking. What would you like to learn more about?