Wednesday, June 14, 2017

[English]- "Expressive Writing: Why are uniforms important?"

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As a formal student at Tamaki College, in Glen Innes, Auckland, I will speak with respect to announce that uniforms are important, and there are numerous reasons as to why that is. Within this piece of writing, I will be stating the importance of uniforms, and why they are important.

People... students specifically, may have no idea what the importance of uniforms are, and they wouldn’t know what uniforms can do. Well first of all, uniforms come in a price, and sooner or later... we have to pay that price with the help of our parents or family members, in order for us to ‘fit in.’ Not all that we just have to ‘fit in’, it’ll make us comfortable in any way possible. Most students nowadays, have no respect towards uniform, as they consider them as, “similarity between themselves and others.” I get the reason as to why most students would prefer ‘other clothes’ than ‘uniform,’ as they are willing to look different from the rest, therefore… to either gain popularity or to be different from others.

Have you ever wondered about what uniforms can do for you, and others? Well, you may not be thinking about others, if you were to be thinking about yourself… am I right? There are students out there, who are feeling worried if the school were to be a ‘non-uniform’ school. Most of us never witness or feel that ever happen to ourselves, and that is what I am going to talk about. Imagine if you didn’t have enough clothes to go around for the years of living life as a student in college. Agonising, am I right… well that’s the thing for most students who have insufficient funds, meaning not having much money to pay for new clothes of such.
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Money is everything, and everything is from money. If you’re starting to get an idea of what I’m trying to talk about, you should also have a reason as to what having no uniform, such as the effects that can be caused within your social and your mental/emotional well beings. You may never know whether someone is having a bad day, so ideally think that people should start thinking about what they’re saying because that could lead to a cause. A cause in which will affect their opinions on their very own lives. So therefore, it is always wise to follow this well-known quote, “Think before you do” - Efthimis.

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