Monday, September 15, 2014

Shark Finning Report


The New Zealand government has promoted that shark finning should be banned because sharks would be extinct from it’s viral home. By October 1st, the shark finning law will come into effect. Actually, the ban of shark finning was going to be planned in from October 1st, with full execution by October 2016. Although, Conservation Minister Nick Smith said, “The timetable had been brought forward after consultation with the fishing industry and the public. ”

Scientists are agitated at the rate of sharks being extinct from the oceans. 90 percent of the largest sharks have been swiped away with only 10 percent left. The endangered substances of these creatures could be very close to extinction. Riley Elliott is a PhD student at the University of Auckland and also a shark scientist. Riley Elliott Said, “In the past two decades, 90 percent of all sharks had been ‘wiped out’ by shark finning and exploitation in the absence of data ensuring sustainable harvests.”

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