Thursday, September 25, 2014

Argument Writing Week 9 Term 3-Uniforms

For School Uniforms

  • You won’t get judged everyday
  • School uniforms show passion and respect
  • It doesn't waste your time looking for your clothes in the morning
  • It cuts down on alienation-bullying, teasing and cliques

I am strongly for school uniforms at Pt England School should stay for the reason that, it makes us look smart. School uniforms represent our school and we should agree on that! There is no stress having to worry about what to wear to school everyday. School uniforms will cut down on teasing, bullying and alienation - for the reason that, of what you wear. Students would not get their clothes ruined and it also saves money on buying new clothes everyday.

The first contention I will mention is about the money that people spent on new clothes! Parents hesitate about buying brand clothes for their kids while they can wear the same uniform everyday without going to the warehouse every time their kids ruin their clothes. I say that the best thing to wear at school is uniforms.

The second argument I will indicate is about how students disrespect their school by wearing the wrong clothes such as gangster-like clothes. Gangster clothes are a type of clothing that many youth wear. An example of these street clothes are wear baggy jeans, snapback hat, ripped shirt and common gangster jewelry.

Another point I will cover is that uniforms give students a sense of unity with other students for the reason that, they all wear the same clothes and representing the same school. If students wore uniforms at Pt England School every student would not have a sense of individuality for the reason that, all students would look equivalent.

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