Friday, June 27, 2014

Swimming Recount

Last week on Tuesday  the 16th of June, our class attended our first swimming lessons at the Glen Innes aquatic centre. As we trudged down to the centre, a thin stream of fear trickled down my spine. “Get into two straight lines”, declaimed our teacher (Miss Clark), standing on the stairs. My heart beating fast as a voice in my mind repeatedly saying , “You can’t swim”, as I hopped in line.

I strolled into the changing rooms as I slowly put on my swimming shorts. “Time is running out”, yelled Miss Clark, banging on the walls. I carefully ran out of the changing rooms and walked on the slippery surface. A light drizzle of water from the showers felt like lava pouring on me as I had a swift shower. I stride down to a blue wooden bench and patiently waited for our swimming instructor.

“Hi guys my name is Jackie and I am your instructor for today.” she instructed as she picked two students to hop in one lane and another two in the other lane. I listened carefully as she spoke so that I would be more confident. When it was my turn to swim, I tried to keep my head above the water and don’t stop kicking my feet. “Go Vaifoa you can do it”, yelled my friends sitting on the bench. I paddled and paddled until I reached the end. “You are in group two”, mumbled Miss Clark.

I wasn't so confident at swimming but it was still fun. It was time to go. I rushed back into the changing rooms and got my self changed. Then I gathered all my belongings and headed back to school.

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