Monday, June 30, 2014

Kiwi Kids News W8

Kiwi kids news - Week 8

1. In which of the following countries has a major conflict started after ISIS militants took over the city of Mosul?
• a. Morocco
• b. Iraq
• c. Somalia

2. True or false, John Key has publicly stated that New Zealand supports the United  States’ latest military action in Iraq?

3. Which country won the last football World Cup?
• a. Italy
• b. Brazil
• c. Spain

4. Which of the following countries have announced that they will cut carbon emissions by 30% by 2030 to combat global warming?
• a. New Zealand
• b. United States
• c. China

5. A food drop was made to help a man in his efforts to cross the Tasman Sea. How is he  traveling from Australia to New Zealand?
• a. paddling a surfboard
• b. swimming
• c. kayaking
• d. rowing

6. The Iguazu Falls are some of the world’s largest and have just recorded their biggest
ever flows. In what part of the world are the Iguazu Falls located?
• a. Africa
• b. Asia
• c. South America

7. Astronomers studying how the universe started have detected the oldest light it is
possible to observe in space. What is the name of the theory that scientists believe
created the universe?
• a. Big Bang Theory
• b. Universal Expansion Theory
• c. Black Hole Theory

8. The Westpac Rescue Helicopter was sent to the Canterbury coast after sightings of a plane in the water. What did the crew find when they got there?
• a. a Google wifi balloon
• b. a homemade submarine
• c. another rescue helicopter that had crashed in the water

9. In which UK city will the Commonwealth Games start next month?
It is the Glasgow 2014 games  (The Games start next month 23 july)

10.Michael Schumacher has been released from hospital in France after a skiing
accident in December. In which sport was Michael Schumacher a famous competitor?
• a. Skiing b. Motor Racing c. Football

11.What was thought to responsible for a series of loud bangs and thumps that were felt
across Auckland city last Thursday?
• a. Volcanic tremors
• b. A Meteor Shower
• c. Bomb testing

12.An injured German man was finally brought to hospital after emergency workers and
volunteers took 12 days to rescue him. Where was he rescued from?
• a. Fiordland National Park
• b. Mt Everest
• c. A German Cave

13.In which country would you be most likely to see a sombrero?
• a. Mexico b. Spain c. Argentina

14.A list of the most trusted jobs was released last week. Which of the following occupations had the highest level of trust from the New Zealand public?
• a. Firefighters
• b. Police
• c. Nurses
• d. Teachers

15.The Washington Redskins team are being pressured to change their name as it is
offensive to Native American Indians. What sport do the Washington Redskins play?
• a. basketball
• b. American football
• c. ice hockey

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