Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Holiday

One early morning, sun shining bright through my bedroom curtains making my eyes wound. I got up and trudged in the bathroom and had a swift shower. When the water hit my skin, I felt the soothing effect and warmth of that water. I bound out of the shower and got dressed into a blue plain shirt some colourful shorts since I was dressed I grabbed my old stripy red shoes my mum bought me last year .

I walked downstairs and the smell of sausages and egg filled my nostrils.
I saw my dad standing in front of the stove holding a spatula and moving the frying pan around. “Morning dad” I said walking over to sit across the island table. “Good morning , feeling hungry?”he asked. “Yes, I am starving,”I chirped.

He chuckled and put some sausages and eggs on my plate with some toast, which made my mouth all watery. “Mmm smells delicious” I mumbled. “Now I consume that you finish eating  and I’ll go wake up the rest because we are going on a family trip to celebrate this years holiday ”, dad said. I nodded and started digging into my breakfast.

I glanced out the window and saw people tramping by, women pushing their baby prams, people on the side walk. I was stretched at the back of the minivan.

The boot is full of full suitcases and all the spare seat has 4 big ones stacked up as well. We are on our way to the coast for the summer. Two weeks of swimming, sand and sun, paradise. It’s a 4 hour drive and we've been in the car for an hour and a half.

We walked in and saw a doorman(His name was Tony). Then we walked up to the receptionist and asked for room for two and he handed us two keys. We went in the elevator and started looking for room 123 and room 248. I came around a corner and finally saw it. “I found it. I found it!” I cheered. My dad grinned and walked over to open the doors.

When I stepped into my  room, it was breathtaking. Everything was beautiful. My brother and I were walking around looking at everything and examining the great view from up here. Our dad stepped into the room smiling. “Okay kids, how about we go to the beach and have some fun?”, he asked. My brother and I  started cheering and walked out of the room.

I was building a sandcastle with my little brother. The sun was very hot, which made me thirsty. Luckily my mum went and bought us Ice-cream Sundae’s. My favourite treat in the summer. A few minutes later we went for a swim and I started splashing water at my dad. We were all playing a lot of different games and just having fun until we had to go back to our hotel and take a shower.

Just then it was time to go home. I was feeling depressed and unhappy. But nothing is better then home sweet home.......... Ahhhhh

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