Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Pirate Captain Of The Caribbean

The Pirate Captain Of The Caribbean

Over 100,000 years ago there lives a pirate that likes to shoot arrows at people , his name was Jacks sperrow. After 100,000 years Jacks sperrow got his sword and went off sailing across the sea. Arrrrgggggg!!! he roared to his maties, and said Drop the anchor,put out the sails and get ready to shoot out the cannons. (“But captain what’s on the way”) said Deadeye Junior. “Blackbird” he replied. He is the dangerous pirate on land. “Get prepared he said”.

Blackbird rised up from the sea and started putting his tentacles on the caribbean. “You have grown bigger since I first saw you” Jacks sperrow said. As Blackbird was squeezing the caribbean the sails began to rip. Suddenly Jacks sperrow grabbed his sword and ran to Blackbird and sliced one of Blackbirds tentacle. But it grew back. “OHHHH” he said disgusting. “Run run” he said to his maties. He shot out the cannon ball and blast of to Blackbird. Blackbird fell into the water and then Jacks sperrow sailed before he comes back.

After Blackbird was gone they sailed to dead man's cave. Suddenly they crashed into a rock and saw the cave. As soon they were in the cave they heard strange noises. SSSHHHH! Jacks sperrow whispered, and said “dead way ahead”.( Achooooo) sneezed Deadeye junior. Bats came out and carried him outside. Jacks sperrow and his crew tipped toe inside the cave and saw bid gold coming out side from the treasure. They carried all the bits of gold that were left and got it on board. They sailed back to their land and then there were pirates that surrounded them. They hold out their guns and then Jacks sperrow yawned! “Fire The Cannon Balls” he said. The cannonball hit the top of the hill and then rolled down and hit the pirates. They were all found dead. “Aaahhh Oee!!!” matee we did it said Jacks sperrow. They celebrate with all the gold and had a tea party in their ship.

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