Thursday, March 14, 2013


Pt England Camp

On Wednesday at Camp! I head over to line up with our leaders in the front, Lee and Josephine. We also had our adult leader, Mr S. We all line up in a straight line and went to Top Town. After we got there, Mr. Jacobson help us and tell us the Instructions before we could play. So first he told us you will have to work together to get lots of points. The first obstacle has three cardboards,so you will get one cardboard, aim where you want to go and flop it over. After you’ve done that walk on the the one you aimed at and then lift the second cardboard up then do the same thing you done on the first one, then! you do the same thing all over again when you get to the war zone. There is four cones around the war zone.

After a while he told us another thing, that is really important. The thing that was important was that, IF YOU STAND ON THE GRASS YOU'RE OUT!!!  He said “You had to throw water balloons on the other team that’s playing, So there will be two teams versing.

After that he also been telling us you have to go through the ski runs. “You have to work something out when you get there” He mumbled. After you get past that you have to go under the blue tarpaulin, it is like a tunnel. Then two people in your team could hold the bendy string and then you have to put a ball between it and aim at the blue tarpaulin. He said “ if you get the blue tarpaulin five times you go to the next round” After all that he also told us if you get through the ball hitter you go to the boot shooter.

I can’t wait for next year on camp, YAY!

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