Monday, February 11, 2013

Waitangi Day

Waitangi Day

“Suddenly” This morning my Dad woke me up with a quiet voice, surprising me saying happy Waitangi Day. I went  off to the bathroom to have a shower,brush my teeth  then  ran to my Dad and asked “Where are we going this Waitangi  day”  He said “we  will be going on a field trip to the beach and cook a little barbecue there” I turned to the side and I screamed “YAY”!!!  I was really excited  I went and packed my swimming gear and went off to mum getting my breakfast ready for a long exciting trip to the beach.

      --------------------------------------Car Ride---------------------------------

I finally finished packing my stuff and got ready for the car ride to the beach. As we were on our way I suddenly got bored I asked my dad if I could turn up the music as the car is going. After that I saw sand and water on the way. “We are here” said Mum as she parked the car on the parking lot. After a while Dad told me to get the barbeque out and get out the food to cook. While me and dad were setting up the barbeque Mum went off for a swim. In a while Dad told me to go to play volleyball while he cooks the barbeque.

I went to the volleyball court and played there for two minutes  and went to check on my Dad if the barbeque is ready. “I am starving”  I said. I walked back and played volleyball again. After thirteen minutes  Dad shouted “lunchtime” I rushed to my dad and handed in my plate and he threw a  sausage sizzle and one chicken thigh. “Yum!!!”  I said and went to a shady spot to eat my lunch.

“Play time” I shouted, I went to my Dad and asked him, “Could I go for a swim” “Yes” he  replied. I ran to the back of the boot of my car and got out my swimming gear and went for a swim. As I was swimming I saw Mum saying “paddle paddle”. I suddenly felt something  tickling my toes I laughed  and giggled. After that my Dad  and Mum told me to go changed now. I hopped out of the water and went into the changing room to get changed. “Hurry” said Mum. I rushed off to the car and went home.

Thanks Sebastian, Faaiua

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