Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Going To Oamaru Creek

On a beautiful sunny day in the afternoon, our literacy group went off to Oamaru Creek to learn about it and where it goes to. We went off to the Nikau palms and began to count them and wrote it in our paper. Then Mr S told us a question about the air vents that water comes through and run into another air vent. After a while we went over to look where does the water go to. We followed along the water and suddenly found out where it headed to. The Creek washes over the mangroves and went off into the sea. Before it goes into the sea there's a pile of mangroves making it clean by holding creek water and puting out fresh water.

After all that we went to look at the rubbish catcher. So we walked along the path and went to Elstree ave and found the rubbish catcher. Then we had to answer the questions on our paper and it said how many meters is it start from the bridge to the rubbish catcher. 9 m or 10 m is what I answered.

After I wrote my answer down we sketched Oamaru Creek. When we were sketching the wind was against us. There was paper blowed by the wind and went into the water. We started drawing but the wind kept on blowing it away. Mr S said hold your papers still so it doesn’t blow away. When we were done Mr S told Me to collect the drawings and pencils. Then we were on our way back to school.

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