Thursday, November 1, 2012

Three bears going on halloween

Once upon a time there lived three bears  Mother bear, father bear and baby bear that lived in an old house.  One day they decided to buy halloween costumes at the costume shop so they went to get three scary costumes. As they went they saw a little tiny pumpkin walking. “How can that pumpkin walk” said Mother bear.  “BOOH!!!” said the pumpkin and the three bears rushed across the bridge and into the costume shop. They were all terrified.

After a while they went to find some costumes to wear. Baby bear wanted a frickenstein costume that was ten  dollars. Mother bear and father bear got a vampire one which costs twenty dollars. They were excited. “Lets go to the cash register” said Father bear so off they went to buy their costumes. “That will cost thirty dollars said the cashier. “Here you go” said Mother bear. Then they went to dress up and went trick or treating. “Lets get the move on” said Mother bear.

“Knock Knock!!!” baby bear said. “Trick or treat they said” and a old man came with a bag full of tasty treats. What are they called asked baby bear? These treat are called candy cane. “Here you go” said the old man and baby bear, Mother bear and father bear grabbed a hand full. When there bags were full they went back home and ate it. “YUM YUM!!!” they said. They all enjoy the tasty yummy treat.

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