Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The crash

Last wednesday on a sunny day Jamie and I went to a skateboard ramp to try out our new skateboard.

We were really happy. We decided that Carlos can come . “It will be fun” We  said. So we went to pick him up and went to the skateboard ramp and got ready to skate. Before We went to skate we saw big seaweed covering the skateboard ramp. “Oh No” said Jamie now we can’t try out our new skateboard. “No need to be sad” said Carlos. Carlos had a great idea, he thought if we can clean it up. “Hurry Hurry!!!” said Jamie. He was really exhausted. He couldn’t help himself.

“Is it finished” said Jamie. Yes replied Carlos, and Jamie was really happy so Jamie went on top and got started. Jamie was excited that he just rushed down the ramp and then dunk his head right on the corner of the ramp. Jamie screamed out loud AAAAAAAhhHHHHH!!!!. His head was cracked open. Carlos was freaking out. So he went to find his phone and called 111 and went to get the ambulance. The ambulance man said that his head is running out of blood. He said that he will get stitches and be alright. When his head was done they went home and never went skating anymore.

And they lived happily ever after. And NEVER EVER GET A NEW SKATE BOARD!!!

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