Tuesday, June 19, 2012


In a moment room 15 walked inside the clay workshop and saw a large amount of clay sitting at the right corner. I went to sit on the chair and put on the apron that was hanged on it. Sue wrote some words that we need to do when we start making plates or bowls. First of all we sketched and planned our idea on a piece of paper and so we can do it on our plate with squishy clay.

Georgia gave out some clay and showed us crosshatching and also putting on the gooey and sticky glue. So we cut out a piece with a kebab stick and got us a square shape. As soon we had a square we crosshatched around the sides and put some glue on it to stick. After that we rolled a bit of clay that was cut out to use it to stick up like the other plates and pinch it up a little bit.

We got the clay that was left on our table and roll it or squish it to make some decorations
inside it. When we have finished putting clay decorations we got the letter stamp and put our name in case we don’t lose our work. Next we had a lot of glass to put on it so after it melts
the glass is going to turn colourful and bright. When it was done the room was a chaotic mess luckily we went to wash our hands so it can be clean before we go for lunch.

We had a lot of fun but I wish I had lots of time to do more but sorry we can’t go anymore. But maybe next year. YAY!!!!

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