Thursday, June 21, 2012


Once upon a time there was a boy called Vaifoa . In the morning he went inside his spaceship and went off to a grey planet called the moon. He saw a big huge thing behind his spaceship it was shaped like a crocodile it kidnapped him from his ship to a alien pet shop that was named the napping pet shop. He didn't wanted to be a pet eating gooey slime. He wanted to go back to earth but luckily he had his phone so he called his friend Faaiua to save him from the ugly aliens. But he was in the cage chewing a lot of slime.

Faaiua came and saved him from the planet moon. He went and steel the key for the cage and got him out side. Hey!!!!! “Faaiua said and his friend”. OOhh the aliens are coming back we better go back to the spaceship and fast before they get here. And they had a happily ever after.

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