Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock lived in America at New York city he was a famous painter and he enjoyed his work.
Jackson Pollock was a passionate hard working man. He flicked and splatter on his artwork but I didn't recognized he was really famous . Jackson Pollock was artistically using his kind of style to paint so he can sell it.

Also he was born on January 28th 1912 and died when he was 44 years old in a car crash accident in august 11th 1956. His funeral was at the springs, New York because of that he was a very fantastic painter. He was one of the few American painters to be recognized during his lifetime. His name was Paul Jackson Pollock.

He has a lot of paintings that he sell it when he was a very famous painter. He smoked a lot and drink-ed during his painting. There was a lady called Lee Krasner it was Jackson Pollock’s wife that likes to paint as well.

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