Wednesday, May 9, 2012

First Day Of Swimming

On the first day of swimming we were doing lessons with one of the
instructors. We entered the pool safely and we had two instructors. Our instructor was called Ben he took our lessons.

Lesson one is to do your arms as a rocket ship but straight. He said, “you don’t even have to kick your legs”. I was watching my friend go first and he was kicking furiously in the pool. I felt comfortable keeping my arms where they have to go. When it was my turn he called me to go. As I was getting closer and closer he pushed me towards the end of the pool.

I was rotating around and around until I got dizzy. I couldn't breath so I took one deep breath and dived back in the rippling water. I just needed to concentrate with my legs straight without kicking.

We had our last lesson with the flutter boards. They kept me floating on the side of the pool and it made me swim fast. At the end I came back to wait for our second round.

After our second round we had a breathing competition and Texas won it. Ben told us to get out of the pool to go for a rinse in the hot shower and change back into our dry and clean uniforms. We still have two more weeks of swimming lessons I can’t wait. I had great swimming lessons with our instructor.


  1. Well done Vaifoa.

    I am pleased to see you using speech and interesting words in your writing like rotating and kicking furiously.

    Now your challenge is to keep this standard up.

  2. Do you think you could add a photo please Vaifoa.

  3. Hi Vaifoa- I like your swimming lesson your swimming lesson was cool and awesome and i had fun with you too.

    1. Hi semi your swimming good but did you made it to the island? I really like your story and swimming it is awesome.

  4. Hi Vaifoa I love it how you explained who your instructor was.
    Keep up the good work

  5. Hi Vaifoa,
    I liked the part when you explained about the instructor.
    Keep up the great work Vaifoa hope you have a good day.