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[Social Studies] - "Geographical Significance Of The Amazon"

"Geographical Significance Of The Amazon"
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The Amazon rain forest is geographically significant to the world, and the there are numerous reasons why. Before we head off to the reasons of the Amazon rain forest, the definition of the word “Geographically” is the based on or derived from the from the physical features of an area, and in this paragraph, I will talk about the physical features of the Amazon. So first of all, the Amazon rain forest is located in the centre ring of the world called the equator, also known as the ‘Belt.’ The equator or the ‘Belt’ is the most hottest place in the world as the centre of the Earth is tilting to the Sun, which has an increase of temperature according to our Scientists and Researchers. Another reason why the Amazon rain forest is geographically significant to the world is because it’s the top largest rain forest in the world. As of many other forests, the Amazon forest is a place to find medicines for healing such as Anti-fungal, and these medicines are found in plants, in which Scientists and Researchers look for.
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Another feature of the Amazon rain forest is that they have layers, as well as other rain forests. These layers are divided into four, and the first layer of the rain forest is the Emergent layer, the second layer is the Canopy, the third layer is called the Under story, and the fourth layer is known to be called the Forest Floor layer. The first layer, the Emergent layer is home to birds, butterflies, bats and small monkeys. The second layer, Canopy is home 90% of animals in the rain forest because it contains a rich source of fruits and seeds. The third layer, Under story is home to countless insects such as bees, stick insects and etc because of it’s warmth, dampness, and it also gives shelters to most animals living there. The last layer, Forest floor is the home to small, developing, or dead plants & animals. This layer is where the photosynthesis, and decomposition occurs. Decomposition is the process in which organisms such as worms, fungi, bacteria and other decomposer's break down these dead plants and animals. Once they are decomposed, they become part of the soil, and produces carbon dioxide for the rain forest.

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The final reason of this paragraph of why the Amazon rain forest is geographically significant to the world is because it is home to the majority of various kinds of species, such as Harpy eagles, Orangutan's, Jaguars, Leopards, Toucans, Gorillas, Golden Lion Tamarin Monkeys, and etc.

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  1. Awesome illustrations used to support your description of the Geographical Significance of the Amazon Rainforest.

  2. Hi Vaifoa,

    My name is James and I work with Tania on the Manaiakalani Outreach team. I was sent a link to your blog and told you're an avid writer/blogger. You most definitely are! This is a fab post with a lot of strong information, but very much written in a clear and personalised style. The images you have used really compliment the text and I especially like the way you either define or breakdown some of the language. The only thing you might think about adding is a conclusion paragraph that restates the important points all together. I guess it depends on the purpose etc, but it's a great way of summarising to remind the reader all in one place.

    Great to be able to share in your blogging.