Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pourquoi Writing- Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms

In the 17th century before people ruled the earth, there was a huge pack of hairy dogs who were the rulers of all dogs and it was the day that they celebrated new years day. For their celebration they decided to have a dog party at their place in the darkest cave on earth. After a while, the hairy dogs sent out invitations to all the dogs on earth. When the dogs received the invitations from the hairy dogs, they went straight away.

As soon as the dogs reached the highest and darkest cave, they had dinner. Their dinner was raw pork legs and raw pieces of fresh fish from the ocean. After dinner one member from the hairy pack of dogs decided to host a jump, flip, and shake competition. All the dogs jumped off a cliff and onto a trampoline but as they landed, their bottoms were gone and they couldn't find them. “Oh no we don’t have any bottoms!” yelled a dog with hair flowing down to his legs from the tip of his head.

*2 minutes later*

The dogs couldn't find their own bottoms so they all went on an journey to find them. They travelled by foot around the world starting from New Zealand to the kingdom of China. They searched everywhere but still no sign of their bottoms. They even searched a place that had a living volcano. The volcano was on an island called Klmandaholo. This place is unknown in the 20th century because it sank into the ocean about 19,030 years ago. Anyway... the dogs still didn't find their bottoms.
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After about 302 years later, new pups were born with no bottoms at all. Some pups had hair everywhere, some had no hair at all but every pups and dogs each had no bottoms. That is why dogs sniff other dogs or people bottoms because they are trying to find their own every day and night.

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