Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Paraphrasing Activity- Cipher Wheel

1. Firstly you will need to cut out four strips of paper horizontally and they all should be at least 1 centimetres wide and about 30 centimetres long. Then you will need to get some pieces of tape and attach up the four strips of paper.

2. Write the word ‘start’ on one end of the long strip and also write ‘start’ on the left-hand end of the wheel.

3. Tape on the ‘start’ end of the paper strip below the word ‘start’, right on the cipher wheel. To make the edges of the paper touch each other.
5. For every line of writing, write each letter of the word separately onto the wheel and write your message just as you would write on a normal piece of paper.

6. Then all you do is wind up the strip smoothly around the wheel and tape down the end of the paper on the wheel.

7. After that, leave a gap between the word on one strip and there is your finished product. Now you’re ready to go on your spy mission.

Today for literacy, Mr Wiseman gave us a reading task to complete and here it is. My task is about how to make a cipher wheel and here is a picture of my completed cipher wheel and the instructions about how to make it. I hope you enjoyed.

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