Monday, May 25, 2015

Mr Burt's Korero About World War 1

Last week on a Thursday afternoon, Mr Burt arrived at the street, also known as our assembly area. We all gathered into the street as Mr Burt spoke to us about the technology that was used throughout the war. He asked us a question about technology, is it good or bad and he also talked to us about how his grandfather was in the war. Mr Burt also mentioned Mrs Flavell's grandfather too. His grandfather was the first to have a normal bicycle and it looked very weird compared to our bicycles we have now.

After he talked about his grandfather being in the war, he talked to us about four letters that spells out the word MAIN. The only letter he talked to us about was the letter M. The Letter M stands for Militarism. For example, Militarism is when two kids in the playground and they’re hitting each other. They start shoving and talks badly to one another. That is what militarism stands for, said Mr Burt. In the war, the British and the German were not really friendly to each other. They were enemies. The British built a lot of things in the war and so did the Germans, but they had copied most of the British technologies but they just upgraded it.

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