Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Te Tuhi Museum- Recount

I woke up brightly in the morning, excitedly knowing that today was the day of our excursion to the Te Tuhi museum. Quickly, I yanked open the curtains to get a glimpse of the sun shine, but all I saw was rain spitting. It doesn't matter, I thought to myself as I noticed it was the day that everyone would see my stunning artistic skills come to life.
Just then, I walked towards the wooden slippery stairs and smelt a marvellous fragrance of bacon and egg with some black currant juice. I trudged down stairs to get a better sniff of the nice smell of bacon and egg. “Eat up son, you have a big trip ahead of you”, said my dad as my dad as he placed some bacon and egg on a plate. While munching on my bacon and egg, I cautiously settled my feet into my shoes ready to go to school.

I eventually made my way past every obstacle, through the front door and to the car trying to beat my siblings as I wanted to sit in the front seat., off we went to school.

                                                                   5 minutes later..........

It was 11:00 o'clock in the morning. The buses arrived at school just in time, prepared to drop us off to the Te Tuhi museum. My hand gripped the rubbery railing of the rickety bus, I quickly made a dash for the bus as I wanted to get a good seat especially towards the back as that’s where all the ‘cool kids’ sit. Off we went to the Te Tuhi museum.

                                                         A few minutes later.............

As we pulled into the narrow driveway I was eager to get off the bus. I wanted to get my hands messy, knowing that we were making art as I thought quietly to myself. I quietly lined up at the back of my teacher ‘Miss Clark’ as she briefly told us to quietly trudge through the entrance of the Te Tuhi museum. As we attended the Te Tuhi museum, we noticed that there were numerous people crowding the cafe. Just then... a guy roamed towards us and introduced himself. “Hello guys and girls, ahhh my name is Jeremy and welcome to the Te Tuhi museum. I am your tutor for today and uhhh.... I am going to show you around the place so join in.”

After a while......we trudged against the narrow side of the hallway and as we got to the door, Jeremy immediately said....”For art, you basically have to have an apron on before you start dying or painting. So come on in and grab an apron. Don’ touch anything on the tables until I say.” As we strolled into the ‘art room’, we grabbed our selves an apron and sat quietly on the chairs. After that, we peacefully listened to Jeremy’s instructions before we could touch anything.


“I will give you 1 piece of paper and it will have 4 squares on them” as he handed them out. “Uhmm.... after I have given you your piece of paper you are going to scrunch it up.”, Jeremy mumbled “Grab the brown coloured pastel and face it to the side like this”, he said. “Then after you have faced the pastel onto the side you can now colour in the 4 squares on the paper.”After we have gently coloured in the 4 squares Jeremy instantly said to start dying. “Dye every white spot with dye until it is all covered then place them carefully onto the wooden steps to dry.” After we have placed our pieces of artwork onto the wooden steps, Jeremy said.......”Come and get another paper that is already dried and draw your artwork on them.”

As soon we had received our piece of paper that has already been dried up, we started to draw our interests, family, home, culture onto it with a pastel that looks like a pencil. “After you have drawn in your 4 things, you can now start painting the background with the brown paint inside the filthy looking container”, said Jeremy. Next... we used the brown coloured pastel to colour in the background for the other 2 squares with the top of the pastel.

After we had finished our pieces of artwork, we respectively hanged them up, back where it belonged then we quietly lined up in front of Jeremy as he conducted us to the room where an animator created an artwork that is about water. One of her interests was water dams and she created an animation about them.

After a few minutes later....after we had seen the water dam animation, Jeremy immediately guided us to an artwork with 18 pieces of A3 paper with  drawings that has all been merged together. “What do you think this artwork might be about?”, Jeremy asked as he pointed his finger onto the piece of artwork. I rapidly raised my hand as Jeremy pointed at me saying, “Yup.... you bro, what do you think this artwork might be?” I replied back saying, “Uhmmm......Is it Auckland city?” Jeremy thoughtfully said, “No not really” as he asked another student.

After about 10 questions been asked, it was time to go back to school. “I hope you guys had an awesome day today as we learned about the art from around the world and ahh.... feel free to ask me any questions about today's journey to the Te Tuhi museum.”
I have a question Jeremy as my classmate said....”When do we receive our pieces of Tapa we made? ”, as he raised his hand. “You probably might be able to receive them from your teacher tomorrow noon”, he replied. As soon Jeremy replied, he suddenly said “Good bye pes”. “Goodbye Jeremy thank you for teaching us today”, we all shouted.
Jeremy 1.jpg

The time was 12:30 o'clock in the afternoon and it was time to go back to school. We said our final goodbye to Jeremy as we left the Te Tuhi building and strolled into the rickety bus.  Once again, my hand gripped the rubbery railing of the bus as the doors shut right behind me as soon as I got in. Off to school we went as the bus roamed it’s engine *Brrm Brrm...Brmmmmm*  
clock 1.jpg

                                                                  30 minutes later..........

The bus instantly arrived at the car park right in front of our school breeze. The doors of the bus eventually opened up as I respectively hopped out just in time that the bell rang.......

                                                                  *Brriing Brriing*

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