Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Holidays

“Amazing” I said. I had a wonderful holiday. After breakfast one morning we went to a barbecue feast down at my cousin’s house. Before we arrived everyone was dancing and eating. I was very bored of sitting so I went along to play with my friends at the bouncy castle.

After the barbecue my Dad ordered a chocolate cake for dessert which was full of colourful sprinkles in the corners with flowers in the middle. We cut the cake into little pieces so we could get one each but the adults got three pieces of cake. We took the leftovers to have at night. My Dad and I had an amazing day during the holidays.


  1. Well done finishing your writing Vaifoa. I am happy to see you using speech in your writing. It is really good to have a variety of sentence types in our writing. It makes it more interesting for your audience.

    What did you eat from the barbecue?

    1. For barbecue we had chicken and pork with some hot dogs for dinner.