Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Last Friday it was the school picnic at the Pt England Reserve. I rushed along to the trees as we put up the blue tarpaulin. I wondered if it was lunch time!

There were a bunch of crazy Point England kids running around the field playing all sorts of games so I went to the cricket wickets and played with my friends.

After a while I ran to the sand to find Shalom. At last I saw him making a sand castle with Sosaia. I ran up to them and helped with the sand castle. It was really hard work.

There were kids lining up I saw my class mates they were lining up as well. They were in there togs getting ready to swim so I quickly went to change.

There was salty water spray in the sea it got me a mouth full of water . It was really cold. The teachers said “its time to get out”.

Then I went to dry my self and get my school clothes on. We packed up our stuff and it was time to get back to school. It was a good day last Friday.


  1. Hello Vaifoa,

    That was a magnificent post about the school picnic. I never thought that someone could have a great day last Friday. Keep up the great work Vaifoa.

  2. Hi Vaifoa

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