Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Problems on saturn

Problems on Saturn ha really large storms, and it is the second biggest planet in the solar system. Living on Saturn is not a good place to go, but it is the best planet to search on. One of the storms on Saturn has lasted 200 days a year.

Storms is really bad and you could die if you are in some planets that have huge storms. Maybe I should build a giant bucket to get water from Neptune but it will be really fast and bring it to Saturn or other kinds of planets.

I should build land and houses there so it is the better place to live when your on Saturn. Or should I build a oxygen and water machine.

Fixing the problem if you could bring a humongous fan that could blow all the storms on Saturn away. It will be to hot on Venus so I could use some water from Earth and build alot of water fountains so it can spray around and the heat will go away.

Making life easier we could grow plants and grass with trees. If I want a drink or food I can call to deliver drinks and water really fast and be on time as well.

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