Friday, August 26, 2011


Last Thusday we meet Donna she helped us with badminton. We lerned to do under arm,backhand & also over head. Donna came from sport auckland she was very good at it. There were lots of shuttle & racquet to play and lern it. A shuttle is like a tenis ball but it has feathers also it light. When i hit it the shuttle went spining down.We had to be safe by the racquet because its made out of metal it could hit you if your trying to get your shuttle. Trick shooting underarm we tryed to keep our ballence so we could miss it. “Badminton so tricky to lern.’’

Donna told us badminton soccer we put two shuttle between us then we serve to the other side and then we play.When Donna blow the whistle then we all went to sit down where we were sitting before.We were htiting above our heads and hitting it straight.It was spectacular.

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